Most residential batteries use only 50% of their useful capacity¹.

This means you’re paying thousands of dollars for a battery that’s not giving you its full value.

HC3 batteries can use up to 97% of their capacity– bringing down the cost of home energy storage by selling timely services to the grid.


How does it work?

Conventional consumer batteries are expensive. They might provide backup power, or reduce utility fees by giving you power at peak times. But overall, the value isn't worth the price.

Batteries that pay for themselves

We can provide HC3 Batteries at a lower price because they help the whole grid use energy more efficiently. HC3 Batteries sell services back to the grid, working for you, your neighbors, and your planet.

Batteries in your home can work with other HC3 Batteries in your area to keep a power plant from being turned on when demand is high, or help start power plant generators in the case of a blackout.

This saves power plant operators money. We pass those savings on to you.